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It's because they do not fill out the customs form properly.
If you're ok with plaid fabrics, EG has the bush shirt.
Jack Straw has this jacket, though I don't know what sizes are left. I think there's a matching reversible vest as well.
This season's insulated vests are shipping out to stores now: http://natural1999.com/products/detail.php?product_id=3971 I want one but I already have too many from past seasons. :/
Jack Straw has that one. I tried it on and it has a pretty good fit for a popover.
Jack Straw has the reversible bal coat in navy/blue, along with an FWK version in (I think) black/hawaiian floral print. They also got in another big shipment this last week with more shirts, jackets, and a couple trousers. Also lots of FWK. Picked up the miner shirt in black/navy flannel, a white oxford 19th cent. BD, and the missus got an FWK bush shirt.
Did any US stockists pick up the Salmon People over vests besides Nepenthes?A floral long sleeve popover sounds interesting, would love to see a picture of that.
Jack Straw got in a shawl with the salmon people fabric, unsure if it was the regular button version or the new version.
Saw this posted on twitter: Didn't post this earlier but Jack Straw received their first shipment last week. It's mostly shirts, accessories, and a jacket or two (the work jacket was one of them). Also lots of FWK dresses and other pieces. Blake in Portland also received their first shipment last week and it was mostly shirts (including the long sleeve quilted polo shirt), deck jackets, and USN pants. Didn't find anything for myself, but my significant other found...
Old hunting and workwear jackets had buttons like these - I've seen them referred to as "change buttons". Not sure on the history of how the design came about, but I'd guess that it was because with this style you could more quickly attach a button back on while out in the field or on a factory floor and not worry about a needle and thread.
New Posts  All Forums: