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Jack Straw will sometimes get XXL pieces in. They don't have much in right now though.
FW 2014: And FWK;
Just got to peek through the FW14 look book and it's pretty rad. Lots of great prints and contrasting features. Styling was tops as well.
Jack Straw's FWK buys are mostly sold out by the time sale season comes around, but they're very careful about what they pick from the collections. Mohawk and Envoy do ok with it as well, though they usually buy much more.I've managed to get my lady pretty interested in it, and while she has a couple of the more adventurous items like this season's bush shirt, she mostly prefers the fitted pieces like others.
Alternatively, double the size of the order (as matching pairs) and then mix the pairs up afterwards.
United Bamboo has been making a nice fishtail parka for years. On the repro side, Real McCoy's has several options as well.
double post
The skirt is attached to the jacket but you could button it back up into the inside of the jacket to hide it (on the SS13 version). The FW13 and SS14 versions do not have that, and you might want to check the SS14 version coming out which is a bit shorter.
SS14 will be a shirt season for me, hoping that buyers have picked out some rad versions of the classics like the 19th century and western shirts.
The Cabourn x Viberg broad arrow boots are on sale at Barneys for a great price. Already bought a pair in earlier November not expecting them to get marked down so soon, but ah well. They're pretty comfy and pair great with looser Cabourn type garments.
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