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There are some makers that produce breathable waxed clothing, even Barbour once had an entire line dedicated to it. Those long duster coats from Driza-Bone that Australian ranchers wear? Breathable. Likewise, my Surface jacket from a couple years back is quite breathable with layers under it. It depends on the qualities of the fabric, along with the type of wax used, and how it's applied.Regardless, the point of the post was to warn about tin cloth - people complain in...
The lesser expensive option is made with Filson's tin cloth and the more expensive one uses a heavy waxed cotton. Color aside, I'd go with the waxed cotton version unless you have a particular work/hobby need for tin cloth (it's heavy duty stuff, but does not breathe at all). now has it listed, though apparently not shipping in XL until December.
Not sure about the newer ones, but I've always had to size up on Cabourn vests from previous seasons.
I gave up on endclothing after several bad order experiences with them. They can't even fill out the customs forms correctly.
Another picture from EG JP: I've been hoping for a cross between their douglas shirt and safari jacket, and this is sorta close I guess. Unsure about those back pockets though.
Where's this from? I've been waiting for this one to ship out to stores.
They definitely had it this season: They probably either sold it already or the person working that day wasn't familiar with the items.
I think I saw the chauncey shirt in dark navy with white polka dots at Jack Straw last week, was a size 1.
I have no problems with EG shirt sizing though I'm sure that I'm one of the few who tuck them in and wear pants with a normal rise. As with all RTW shirts though, ymmv.
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