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Good previous deals with him have been honest. The crate jeans are nice. They're similar to APC New Standards, except that you get made in the USA instead of that Macau (china) stuff. If I didn't already have a couple of dry pairs going, I'd buy these. Bump it up!
I just ordered a pair of prescription glasses from and they are great. The quality is on par with brand-name glasses. Worth a try, imho.
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I love how you added FIRM after all of the prices, even after the significant drops. Made me chuckle, so bump for that.
steak and mushrooms are fine, yo. Just factor them into your daily calories. Also, eating less is waaaay easier than working off the calories for noobs.
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BIG measurement? And have these stretched much?
If over 50 lbs overweight, cut all sugary drinks (soda, juice, all drinks with calories). If over 20 lbs overweight, follow above, and add moderate cardio 3x a week. If 10 lbs overweight, follow above and eat at a calorie deficit. If progress slows, google "EC stack".
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