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Natha shoes are absolute garabage, I'm posting this today because my 4 month old dress shoes from them decided to split the soul the entire width of the shoe exposing the interior of the shoe to the wonderful winter weather. Very frustrating. That will be the last time I ever buy cheap shoes
Hey guys, I'm in the market for a leather jacket. I know nothing about them, but I like the idea of the colar-less moto jackets. I need one that's not too thick and slim fit so i'm not swimming in it like I am in my Grandpa's passed down leather. I also really love the distressed look, I've attached a pic of what i'm kind of looking for. If you know where I should look i'd love to know.
dates being a general term for going out. basically I wear the CK steel anytime i have pants on that any previously owned boxer shorts would make look bulgey or make lines visable.
I recently bought a stash of Calvin Klein steel trunks and I love them, however I cannot relax/sleep/workout in them. They are meant mostly for work and dates. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for boxer shorts that had the same type of thick elastic waistband with colors like bright orange, green, and pink. They dont have to be calvin klein brand, and frrankly I dont care what brand they are.
The first suit I bought which is still the one I have now came from K&G and it may be only my personal experience but the quality wasn't that good as it is. Also I'm looking for a slim suit and i'm not sure if K&G would have that, but I can check it out. Also the sales people I had to deal with there were aweful they put me in a really large 3 button suit where the shoulders don't fit right and it's way too long, makes me look droopy. But at the time of the purchase I...
If the length is a problem would there be any other brands with a comparable price and style?
I'm in the market for a new suit ,a slim fitting suit, and my budget is very tiny. I heard H&M makes perfect suits for skinny people like me. I'm 6'5" and 175 and my budget is about $200 (poor college kid). The only complaint I've heard with H&M's suits is the quality, but I'd much rather have a nice fitting suit with bad quality rather than a high quality suit that fits like a paper bag.
I just looked at the armani suits and they do look like something i'm looking for. and i'm not gonna lie to you. the suit i have now was the first suit i ever bought and I got it from K&G possibly? like 3 or 4 years ago for all of maybe $150 so there's no way it's a good suit. The fit is also probably terrible but I didn't know what a suit was supposed to look like at the time. I wonder if it's possible to find a tailor in my area who will fix the one I currently have.
I'm in the middle of p90x and I love it. it's absolutly amazing. it works for me like lipo. my abs look amazing and i'm only half way throught. I don't use free weights however, I bought a resistance band called the TNT from lifeline usa. it's the best product amailable by far on the market ( i broke my previous set of bands). it comes with 3, 40lb bands in it so you can do 40lbs or 80lbs or 120lbs. but you can buy replacement bands that can run it all the way up to...
I'm really liking the 2 button look, I have a 3 button now and it does make me look very tall which isn't a problem, but it makes me look sort of frumpy? it just doesn't fit very well and it was of course very cheap.
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