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Hi! Would love a pair of Persol 714 SM- the Steve McQueen edition. 52mm. Used/without tags/without original packaging is perfectly fine. Any of the three colors are acceptable- blue lenses though. Willing to negotiate the price. Please do contact me if you have/ know of a set that you would like to sell! Thanks!
Hey! I know this is a long shot, but are you still selling those Persols? Thanks!
Hey Guys, What are your opinions on these Bvlgaris? I'm thinking of acquiring them. I like them, they seem modern and classic at the same time thanks
Hey Guys, I wanted to know whether I should go ahead and bid on a XS St. James Merdien II. I'm wear a 36R and as I understand St. James XS is for chest sz 34. Do you think it will end up being too tight? I don't mind it being slightly fitted (in fact, I would prefer it) Would appreciate some advice. Thanks a lot,
you, sir, dress like a gentleman
Hey All, I'm looking for a slim fitting (high armholes, tapered) grey (preferably herringbone) tweed jacket in 36R or 36S. I would love it if someone could proxy and get it from Uniqlo (not too sure if Uniqlo is still selling them though). Perhaps H&M or Zara ? Thanks a lot
Wanted: Seersucker and Madras Shorts Specs: Sz: 30 Inseam: Anything above 6 is good. Any brand
Hey guys, Does anyone have a pair of 649s in tortoise with blue lenses. I don't really mind the condition. Thanks, Boom
Hey Kaplan, Thanks for your reply. But dont you think that the frames are too round to be 2825s ? They could be 2945s, like these: But again, the ones in the GQ picture look rounder. What do you think?
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