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staying in brooklyn with an old friend, then two nights @ le parker meridian. will be my first "adult" trip to the city....just wondering if anything of note will be going on? sales/shows etc?
our spaniel mix is loosing his fight w/ cancer.....have to make the final appt. cancer is pissing me off
from what i've read, performance is largely dependent on your home's wiring. i considered trying one out, but living in an older house, in an area with occasionally fluctuating power i decided against it.
weather's warm here, but the leaves are still raining down....this song makes me think of fall
very sorry bentley. hopefully your family will pull together and help each other through an aside, all of you foster parents are SAINTS! what's making me sad is our 10.5 year old spaniel mix. he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his hip last spring, and he's been doing well. until the past two weeks. he was given about 2months to live, 5 months ago, so we're over the moon happy about the time we've had, but i fear the end is nearing
i made the switch over to chrome just for SF awhile ago, and i've since found myself using more and more for everything else. even though i was hesitant at first, its been impressing me....and no, my comp. isn't chock full of nasties either......
really? that's ridiculous. i think i'd rather walk out and find a new bathroom than deal with that kind of behavior....great thread though, made my morning
the only routers i ever deal with are those in computer networks....definitely not pronounced "rooter" there......
varies by item......
hey guys.....rarely post here, but this thread had to bring me out from under my rock...... kc here, would love to see about a meet-up!
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