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Anymore fun/party shirts in the works?
Anyone interested in the long gone BOM006-T in a 33? Very lightly worn for a month or so and looking to get rid of them for a great price since they no longer fit.
Took advantage of the sale and picked up the Pedaled Kaido Jersey for riding. I understand there are no returns for sale items, but what about exchanges for the same item in a different size?
Anyone know when Uniqlo starts rolling out suits?
PL is just fun. Once I get tired or bored I'll def move on to something else.
Changing at 31...haha. Everyone around me has told me over and over again it's not too
Doing a little personal recap of my two years with RHET... Time flies by and looking back puts shit into perspective for me. Evolving goals, changing of priorities, ups and downs, it's all record via RHET and pretty much nowhere else except for conversations with my friends. RHET FEELS.http://www.styleforum.net/t/156289/random-health-and-exercise-thoughts/29670#post_63772742 years ago150lbsMax Squat - ~285lbsMax DL - 335Max Bench - HORRIBLE ~1551 year ago175-180lbsMax DL...
If it says anything at all, I'm prob one of the smaller guys in the thread at 157 and retested my 1rm for 425 ^_^. I bet given frequency and hard push your dl would prob skyrocket in a short time period.
I lift from home and it's probably the best feeling ever. Actually building a platform at my friend's place in his backyard to move everything outdoors. Should be fun.---Adding in a few pics... REALLY bad pic of myself maybe ~3 years ago? I look extremely thin and unhealthy. I don't really have pictures of myself on hand, but my gf found this one and I was kinda thrown back. I knew I was thin before, but didn't realize how thin until I saw a picture.Other pics are from...
I haven't been following as closely, but has there been and mention of tank tops for the summer?
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