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All the talk about Outlier pricing... All I know is that I gave up on their products awhile back, but for some reason I still want a pair of Climbers. They were like tights on me, but so, so, so comfortable. Might have to order another pair. The new shorts look... Ok. Unless they fixed the pocket flare and really weird top block sizing I'll stay away. Weird that they would give up all that stretch in the original version and go with 2-way stretch though. The freedom of...
Did anyone ever pick up that RC x Kumagai blazer/pants? I just grabbed one off of ebay. Wondering if anyone had thoughts on it.
Or he could be doing it half assed. Lots of factors especially within a whole year.
This. Me. All the time. Anyone having trouble with front squat, my #1 advice to you is wind up one arm at a time under the bar and once you're in position, squeeze boobs together, and attempt to push up elbows. Single piece of advice that helped me get my front squat right.
Any chance of getting some tank tops for summer? Hell for year round if they were made from the same material as the shirts... Please say yes ^_^
Great job to both on the progress. It's crazy how once you hit something or break a threshold your perspective immediately changes right then and there. Hit the stairs today and I typically run sprints, jumps, rinse, repeat. Normally I'm good for a repeated 5 step jump all the way to the top. Hit it very comfortably, some room to spare, never feel like I'm gonna eat it, but 6 steps felt so daunting and I always hesitate. Today I decided to fuck it, lots of people around,...
5/3/1 ^_^, hard cardio/mobility on all off days.
Hey Mauro I'm down for some shirts. We're there any changes? My black one has held up great, but something happened with the khaki and the sleeves are kind of distorted/balloon. Not sure what it is.
KISS. Not that I don't love rhet, but I got nothing to contribute to these discussions. I literally just eat, lift, cardio, repeat. Nothing fancy and I'm probably at my strongest right now. Getting close to 1100 and clocked in at 162lbs this morning.
Hoooooooook gripppppp!My hook grip has progressed pretty nicely, but nowhere near where I want it to be. I think I just need to hook grip fuckin everything to dead the nerves. I'm good for 365 dl hook grip before I can't take it anymore. Used to only be able to do 315 once or twice.
New Posts  All Forums: