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Mauro was there a black sheep print? I thought I remember reading there would be one, but could be mistaken.
Some people just need to learn themselves. Not everyone is open to a helping hand. I see so many dudes load up the bar with 3-4 plates and then proceed to 1/5th squat. Or load up 315 DL and hitch it to heaven. Unless someone asks I don't offer any advice or critique.
My old job wouldn't even pony up for discounted gym memberships. Anything to motivate or support people who work office jobs to get up and be active is Afuckin+
All of them look great. How does tencel/rayon blend respond to fall and winter weather?
Totally missed out on the black/white. Looks great. Mauro any chance of something a bit more on the darker side of the greyscale? Something reversed or in the middle would really do it for me.
Anyone able to discern if those are the Quoddy x J. Crew bluchers?
CTK you're a bigger dude no? Really sounds like you just need more practice setting it up. I'm skin and bones up top and can still lock the bar in using just two fingers on each end up to 285 before I feel discomfort
It's not really about how big your legs are. IIt's more about how proportionate they are to your waist and the rest of the measurements. Which is why stuff with elastane is awesome. Those Uniqlo jeggings would fit anyone they're so Damn stretchy, but they also don't look very good. I've posted my wheels before, I'm not out of this world huge, but still can't find a denim that meets my denimbro needs and still fits me well.
The only thing that I really like right now is the Levi's commuter 511s. Yea, they're 511s, but sized up and stretch make them fit great for a slim cut that tapers the exact amount I want. On top of that they're dirt fuckin cheap. Clearance every season drops them to under $20. I tried on the Uniqlo leggings today. Can't say I'm a fan, but they were pretty comfortable. Almost like sweats. Too bad the washes are awful.
New Posts  All Forums: