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the problem with all that guys fits is his head, its looks like someone shrunk in photoshop it throws off all his fits...maybe he should grow an afro, a big one
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I took this as you saying it'd be better if it was just the shirt and no other clothes. it all depends how freaky i am feeling and if he is a young, smooth tanned asian sub bottom, ok
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix wouldn't a higher rise lengthen my legs and shorten my torso? you dont need a higher rise....you could have an 18inch rise, who cares, its all about where your tee/shirt falls, thats how you can change up you proportions take a pic with the shirt untucked hurry up, now
Quote: This is really weird, because my legs are quite short and my torso is quite long this goes to show you are sabotaging your own proportions by not knowing what suits your body type Quote: A is far superior to B (you're muffintopping) Quote: that's the shirt. no muffins there. dont argue, its even worse when you look like you have a muffin top and you dont DONT TUCK YOUR FUCKIN SHIRT
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira A is far superior to B (you're muffintopping) he cant pull off the ''eason''
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Don't understand how people can dislike that fit that drew posted of sufu dude. Dude may have looked akward but totally nailed it conceptually. I think if drew or fuuma wore that people would've been all 'epic fit bro' but that guy does look akward and there is a big premium based on 'looking natural in your clothes / swag' (PG for example), not so much in the other fora. . duuuuuuuude, fuuma would have looked...
Quote: Originally Posted by snake wjk denim hook shirt MofM twisted tee Viridi-Anne linen trousers KK Attachment waxed boots love the shirt, but not with the tee, pants and shoes there seems to be clash of styles, and there needed to be less contrast in colors, maybe a bit more graduation
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix last couple of days Icebreaker KMW Converse R&G KMW Converse I have some navy/red deck shoes which i though would be perfect in the second fit, but they looked crap. your proportions look somewhat off in all your pics, and i think your short torso or overly long legs are to blame, and this isnt helped with your relatively narrow chest you need to create an illusion which can be done by 1:...
Quote: Isn't that alot of sugar for your bed-time meal? Skim milk & Yogurt I mean? all this crap about not having carbs after a certain time is just that...CRAP there are no credible studies that indicate why you shouldnt have carbs after a certain time for my own amusement i tried limiting my carbs at night over a 8 week period , but kept my caloric input the same as when i had carbs at night...NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER the reason you...
1: you have feminine features 2: you have chubby cheeks ( associated with kids,especially that freckled kid on the cover of "Mad" magazine) 3: weak jawline (grow a goatee) 4: perfectly round head, further accentuated by what some might call a haircut 5: 5 yr olds have that hairstyle 6: stop using makeup 7: eyebrows look like they are overplucked solutions 1:you have pretty features 2:lose a bit of weight, and lets see your cheeckbones and let the eyebrows grow...
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