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Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money otter = imbecile. The suit looks good aeglus, the profile picture was especially flattering imbecile ? i am a fuckin douchebag, ok still havent got pver the village idiot comment? fyi i like aeglus fits, i am just offering some constructive advice
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi This. But you shouldn't be tucking t-shirts into jeans anyways... Button downs into chinos is a whole different ball game. I fully support the button down tuck, one sec, pictures from myself may be coming. tuck wasnt deliberate...was in a rush as my daughter was excited as i bought her a camera and she was hassling me to take a pic
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK The tuck actually works better. Your upper body looks more balanced on the first pic. In Hendrix's case, I think it's just a matter of him wearing casual pants too high. Slacks are meant to be worn higher, which is why they look better when worn that way. Not so much on the chinos/khakis. are you kidding me,? you have to factor in that the pic is cropped, add another 5-6 inches to my legs, including boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Pun When you guys do pullups/chinups, when you go down, do you straighten your arms out, or keep them bent? Does it make that much of a difference? straight, unless you have tennis elbow
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix I'm not gonna stop tucking in my shirt. old pics with and without tuck look at these 2 pics, my stubborn tuck happy friend ( please ignore man boobs) accidental tuck, its actually worse as you cant see the whole body ( daughter cant take pics yet) EDIT: yeh yeh i know i am a narcissist, had to post of pics of myself
aeglus, im afraid you look boxy in those pics, as in chunky and the jacket is doing you no favors by giving you a feminine silhouette...not good
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? In regards to hendrix fit, I remember he had posted a nice colour combo a while back (I remembered because I had been looking for a similar shirt). Went back and found the photo. Hope you don't mind hendrix. You're trying to achieve the same thing in both photos yet this top photo works much better than the bottom one. And I think it's because of the fit of the shirt and the use of a belt (Although I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by why How do I get tested for 'trouble processing' and storing carbs as fat? i expected that from you some ppl have trouble processing protein or fats and yeh, go and see your doctor
Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz Not necessarily, jeans with a low rise and jeans with a high rise if worn properly should both have the crotch in the same spot, the difference is how high up the wiastband goes. What you're describing occurs when you try to wear high/inappropriate rise jeans on your hips. Wearing higher-rise jeans will mean your pockets and details etc will all be located much higher on your body than with low-rise jeans which,...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix WTF? don't argue? accept the infinite wisdom that is otter? Man if i wore higher rise pants it would make my legs look longer. have a think about it. draw a picture if it helps you. your tuck is the problem ,not so much the rise if you didnt tuck, would you see the rise, eh? *bitch slapping myself*
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