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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I lost 30 lbs too, but it sure as hell hasn't been easy... and getting any further is proving well nigh impossible the last little bit. And I'm not a dumb guy. If the basics were just "healthy diet and hit the gym regularly", this wouldn't be a problem. whats your body type, endomorph ? simple rules: 1: eat clean, if its processed, avoid or eat in moderation 2: if you cant stop at one cookie/pizza...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May It actually is pretty damned difficult. Which is why so many people have trouble doing it. a way, look i am useless when it comes to handyman work, as i dont give a fuck, but i am getting better as i want to learn.Plus the wife gets all wet with guys wearing a handyman belt So i have decided to come up with a contra deal with my village idiot of my brother in law,who is somewhat of a jack of all...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix In the preparatory stages of glycolysis. Glucuse to G6P, the G6P to F6P (reversible and hence can be regulated). Fructose enters the reaction at this stage. The next reaction is F6P to F1,6PP, which is irreversible. Hence fructose bypasses the regulatory mechanism in the first two reactions. . haha googled, eh ?
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Subject-verb agreement ain't rocket science, neither. eh ?
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Why? after reading some of the most ill informed drivel in the ''i need to lose weight'' threads thats why...ok
Kunk, what weight/body fat % are you at now? post some pics Hendrix, i am sorry to say...BUT YOU ARE CLUELESS,OK
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix Can't be bothered reading the thread, but did he change the actual overall amount of calories or just the composition of the calories? Because as far as i know, there's been no study which has shown that changing the composition (fats, carbs, proteins) has an effect. Put simply, if you want to lose weight, calories in (what you eat) has to be less than calories out (exercise). Exception is if you have a genetic...
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