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Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 If that grey DR is wrong, I don't want to be right. DR's exude masculinity, but not in a grey, ok missy and if you ask mr toj, im sure he would agree
Quote: You're saying two different things now. Does the jacket not fit Fuuma or does Fuuma not fit the jacket? does it matter? Quote: He pulls it off well and with swagger. which i admire, as having a high opinion of ones self goes a long way andrew: like the jacket, love the jacket but it looks like you found/stole it as it doesnt go with everything else you are wearing
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu in what way? it seems to fit near-perfect in shoulders and chest. in everyway, from the shoulders to the chest to the length i just dont think fuumas proportions do justice to the intended look of the jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Making faces after Ann D show: Jacket: Ann Demeulemeester sweater: Ann Demeulemeester pocket square: Hermès little red riding hoodXwolfXfriends forever fairytale series pants: april77 boots: Vass i am sorry, but this jacket looks ill fitting to me
imo dr jackets should only come in black any other color is just not right
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one you can specify that on your own, if you know your measurements and want a sleeve head that rides up above the natural shoulder. i would probably go for a dr with invisible snaps or a bomber can you please enlighten us with the subtle styling changes that you have in mind for the leathers with hindsight, are there any styling cues that in your opinion need some tweaking?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one it is supposed to ride very short, and the shoulders are supposed to be nearly squared, it slims the arms more that way without making it too tight. It's not supposed to be supremely tight fitting. maybe so, but imo, the squared off shoulders only help to accentuate what i think is a jacket thats too short to start with did you toy with the idea of softening the shoulder area?
mr toj, i like/love most of your work, but i have to say the moto just doesnt do it for me. I dont think i have seen a fit where the jacket doesnt look off, be it the length being too short or the shoulders, which tend to look too boxy
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonah Dexter? nah, i prefer curb your enthusiasm
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