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Quote: And sorry to disappoint but i haven't been working out as i can't spring for a gym membership at the moment. Kinda want to do something though. Don't want to get even 1/3 as ripped as you but just tighten/tone a little. I can probably get into an ok light-work out routine but having a proper diet will never happen. Just no way i'd be able to do that. I love eating random crap (though i'm conscious about not burning though calories, just not on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug . wasnt a fan of your previous fits as they were too sloppy and hipster for my liking i agree with the others, i really like your last 2 fits
Quote: Seriously though that Otter fit has got me thinking of doing a cycle over spring to prep for summer. Not really but that dude is jacked. thats short term thinking...what about the following summer, another cycle when do you stop? Quote: I guarantee you he got that way from a lifestyle emphasizing a healthy diet and consistent exercise, not a "cycle over spring" i dont train to look good in summer, its lifestyle...
Quote: I appreciate your minimalist steez. You're almost like a 10x more jacked version of me. I just got a white wideneck tee, and usually wear a necklace pretty similar to that. thanks, but pics are deceiving as i am not as big ass ppl think having seen some of your pics i would recommend working on your shoulder width plus, why should i drape myself with clothes when i have such a hot body the only thing i hate are cold days...sick of coming...
this such a ridiculous thread its all about technique +intensity + recuperation
Quote: Originally Posted by the_pole Youre one sick f**k you really have no idea how sick i should clarify by stating that into nipple play, not young girls, ok
Quote: How long does your phone ring before you're able to pry them out of those jeans? voicemail Quote: Those are cool jeans. Who makes em? nudie slim jim dry grey coated Quote: nice tits, otter my daughters squeeze my nipples all the time lucky i am not a pedo as that usually turns me on
Quote: I like this. Something about the jeans and boots together doesn't look quite right though. It's cool to see going in a different direction. thats the problem, as you can tell from his pics that he is experimenting with certain styles...and sometimes 3 styles in one fit arw is lucky as he has the type of proportions that most guys will kill for...ok maybe he needs to work on building up his puny neck
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you're a lame gimmick i think grey will suit you, sweetie
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