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Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Re: the sneakers, unfortunately everything makes you look short when you're 5'2. Not buying shoes with height is too much a restriction for me, even if it would make me look a bit taller I'm willing to sacrifice that . unfortunately, you are going to limited with your footwear choices, especially the color and style if want to give the illusion of longer legs i would suggest wearing footwear similar...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix i'm never gonna wear a u neck t in my life. Did you mean crew neck? a smiths tee? they're a great band but i'm not their biggest fan in the world. i need some cool boots. my definition of a u neck and look what a smiths tee has done for chronographs steeze
Quote: Possible should have just worn chucks noooooooooooooooooooooo a u neck tee or even a smiths tee combined with non indigo jeans, paired with some rugged boots,or if you must, some decent sneakers would work a lot better
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 i really dont mind this fit, but..... i dont think the shoes do you any favours, as they tend to make you look shorter than you really are and for me the hairstyle is channeling the bad memories i had of spandau ballet
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix Care to elaborate? ok, the jacket is ill fitting, not to mention the sleeves which need to be slimmer, then there is v neck tee/top, which looks like its choking you then there are the jeans which are fine above the knee but sloppy below am i i been gentle enough ? and lets not forget the sneakers, which are not to my liking, but then again, i dont really like sneakers to start with... but you can blame...
Quote: i'm not sure about the tee hanging down past the jacket this should be the least of your problems
Quote: that's why I also say i think the shoulders could have been brought in a little; it would have slimmed the jacket up disagree, it would have made you look like a triangle imo the bomber suits ppl with leaner bodies, as it makes guys with boxy silhouettes even more boxy
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money kent, i have to say that i really like bomber, but imo i dont think the bomber suits your bodytype as its making you look too boxy
Quote: Kinda funny that Otter said my fit was less hipster considering there's nothing more hipster than a smiths shirt. nothing hipster about your jacket and boots/shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing But what do your legs look like? whatever you want them to look like
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