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Quote: And you have a young kid, right? I guess when mommy and daddy are going to the 'movies', they're up to no good, eh? i have 2 girls...we usually leave them home as the 3 year old is mature beyond her years
Quote: otter gave you a workout? interested? Quote: otter you have such big guns how did you get such big guns? credit card details please Quote: you're obviously such a lady killer too. women are just drawn to your manly scent. lucky my wife is into swinging (0)
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason hey, the workout routine you gave me is really great. more free time and better results what most ppl dont realize is that you actually grow when you are not training, but ppl need their fix, as the gym has been become their addiction, hence ppl overtraining and not breaking through plateaus
AC/DC concert ac/dc concerts attract some classy women how classy you might ask...well, i had two 18 somethings waiting for me outside the mens toilet offering to pleasure after the concert finished ''i said ok, but let me ask my wife, she is just over there''
Quote: (its becoming quite apparent that otter (aka imatop) is expressing his homosexual tendencies lately) and its your fault
you predictable
again, i am so sorry Quote: Right here is the best argument for not wearing white socks he is wearing that cap, and you are critiquing his socks, cmon
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money Break from the denim. Had to resew two buttons on the fly for these so they were outta commission for a while. i am sorry
i an astounded by some of the threads/questions/posts in this sub forum ''i am a fat f...., how do i lose weight ?''...cmon!!!!!!!!!!! losing weight, gaining muscle, getting in shape is not rocket science, yet you guys make it seem so difficult
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele What is it with queens and Joan Crawford?? . its the eyebrows
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