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Quote: Originally Posted by Leonard Leroy you must understand the persuasive powers of the bowlcut. it is like the force really?
Quote: Originally Posted by Leonard Leroy Panda dragon click for sans jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki I'm a crossfitter - I think the combo of met-con and strength is pretty solid for that sculpted look, especially if your diet is good (Robb Wolf style Paleo for me). I prefer MEBB since I want to actually build strength, but a Crossfit Endurance style workout with main crossfit and 3 hours before/later endurance work would probably lean you out pretty fast and get that look. I know that Rain trained with Gym Jones...
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I'm not trying to troll here. I realize that having to say something like that is probably a set up for failure, but I'm looking to honestly understand what's going on here. I've been become more comfortable with the alternative fits, artistic use of fabric layering, shape, drape, etc- but I still don't get what makes this outfit "fantastic" or "posh, embodied." The scarf is cool, and while the shoes aren't my...
border collie (blue merle)
to look like or even become a fitness model, you first have to be blessed genetically prerequisites are, near perfect skeletal structure, proportions, preferably tall and lean
power shake skim milk strawberries/blueberries/bananas natural flavor protein powder oats linseed oil ice this is the perfect meal for the man on the go,it is full of protein, complex carbs ,good fats and importantly , fibre
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money i thought your ass was banned, otter. nah, time out....miss me?
wtf is going on around here? btw if you are going to wear a v neck, at least wear one deeper than that
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