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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus man if I weighed 20 more pounds I'd be fuckin jacked give me a few more years you have a totally different structure than me, you have to avoid looking like a rectangle
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus how tall are you? you're just a few pounds over what I weigh nearly 5 '11
Quote: \twow. vasculature is envied by men, and adored by women. its funny, imo i think its more envied by men, as some women can get freaked out my an overly vascular male...but then again, there are the few who get moist i am 165 lbs in that pic, i am down to 159 now..and you should see the reaction i get from the kids when i pick up my girls from school, especially as its summer here and i am usually wearing a tee or tank plus i am douche
Windsor smith ''Mission boot"' $180 comes in black and brown
Quote: Is NOXplode still popular in the US? this and glutamine are one of the biggest scams
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you otter, don't like your near-exploding arm veins at all.....doesnt flatter you at all. kill yourself. really?
DLester,i dont like that cardigan , especially around the shoulders.....doesnt flatter you at all burn it
i have no problem with my energy levels, and my workouts are very intense, supersets,triple sets, negative reps triple shot of expresso before a workout always helps too
Quote: fuck me, I ruined my leg workout this week by doing tabatas for reclining sit-ups. My hip flexors are so sore I can't even sleep without keeping my legs bent, nevermind doing squats. very painful, you need some a deep massage ...happy ending optional Quote: So, assuming you're consuming an adequate amount of protein, is there really much point in sticking to a certain macronutrient ratio? complex carbs and good fats...
Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf RO does not look good on larger people jus sayin, I could never even wear that shit for fear of making myself look like a tool. you dont even need to wear RO
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