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imo juices, especially without the pulp are wasted calories,as you are better off eating the whole fruit as it contains fibre i know ppl who complain that they can not lose weight ''but i eat clean'' me ''but you have 2 smoothies a day...thats between 400-700 calories a smoothie'' that person cut out smoothies and lost 1.5 pounds a week
socal is legendary on certain forums i admit that his earlier efforts, combined with bad lighting, atrocious photography and awkward posing made him look like a clown, but his latest fits, the more fitted and tailored looks , i actually quite like
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep isonatural protein powder (unflavored), strawberries, peaches, banana, chia, orange juice quite a bit of sugar, dont you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason flax seed oil for thickness or for omega-3's? both, plus it slow down protein absorption,, which is what you want
optimum whey with crushed ice and water in the morning optimum whey , glucose with crushed ice and water after training optimum pro complex with skim milk, water if i am leaning down micellar casein with skim milk and flaxeed oil before bed
seany, its always best to avoid the use of flash as it makes great fits look mediocre
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I only remember one of his fits (black margiela knit and lanvins) but it looked pretty nice to me. Don't know the hate valid point maybe its the residual resentment as my wife is depriving me of backdoor romance lately
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 The last thing this forum needs is more groupthink. I'm not going to dress like Uncontrol, SoCal or sq4you especially sq4you
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus yeah only thing that sucks is I'm not going to be terribly aesthetically pleasing if I get much bigger, sucks being a short guy its all about creating an illusion i have an acquaintance who after bulking up looked literally like a fuckin square..he was nearly 200 lbs solution: i got him down to 168lbs (7% bf) , and concentrated on keeping his waist,especially his hips very lean, as this created an...
Quote: never gotten the love for kixselfs fits. a lot of stuff that fits badly/makes him look ridiculously disproportionate i think the tapered jeans/pants plus the cuffs just exaggerate his potato like silhouette, saying that, i do like some of his fits
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