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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i think i am mentally ill. feeling guilty for not going to gym even though i go 5 days a week and got injured last night. imo the gym is your fix...and you need it bad i train 2-3 times a week now, initially it was hard cutting down as i needed my fix too but having kids and a few mistresses has added balance and a renewed perspective to my life
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum she probably detests you because you have bigger boobs than her -_- bad joke. im kidding its a joke she doesnt appreciate, especially as my daughters innocently ask ''mom, how come dad has bigger boobies? ''mom, yours look like bananas" * giggling*
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum eh. i can't dissuade you from being asshole. i just hope you know cocky is funny up to a point. is this why my wife detests me, is it, and seek some sort of validation from fashion forums, lame ones too?
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i disagree. i think his criticism has some validity. he could afford to be less of an asshole about it tho. its not about sugar coating your words. it's about your words being more effective but its my schtick
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum this is a dumb counterpoint, but ppl on sz actually liked the fit i dont understand why you have so much hate in you. go smoke a joint. get laid from your wife. grab a beer. watch some bball. I might criticize a fit but i do offer some constructive advice...they can take it or leave it i just dont sugar coat my comments...maybe thats why my wife doesnt ask for my opinion as she doesnt like hearing the...
you seem like a genuinely nice guy, always happy and thats the problem, as happy and SZ attire approved (some what) just dont suit you you need to be more emo, ok doesnt work on you at all i dont know why you always cuff your pants/jeans, as it only accentuates your egg like silhouette you really have to learn how to dress accordingly the jacket, the cuffed jeans and shoes just exaggerated your problem i like it, but fuck you freak me out why do...
Quote: Originally Posted by m00ba77 So basically what we've come down to is that I'm fugly. Fair enough. . you are an attractive man in a professorial sort of way. Unfortunately most guys on SF are into asian twinks or power tops......otters not so much
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Someone posted it here many months ago. Could otter just be some 16 year-old kid who is good at finding photos on the internet? haha if that isnt my wife, well there must be some pissed off husband out there
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I could swear I've seen this pic before. dont tell me the bitch has been pming you her pics fuck you and you sexy lean body...bulk up again, ok
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason just between you and me, but I could do that all night long (as long as they're totally washed) yeh, but i am forced to rim this hideous ass...eeeew btw she was dressed for a sports themed party
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