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PM Sent on light blue contrast collar shirt
Excellent selection, PM sent. Has anyone come across the Barbour x To Ki To Motor Riding Jacket? I've checked all over and most of these other styles are usually available, but not the motor riding jacket.
very very nice. so tempting..
I'm interested, please post some pictures.
I own this suit in charcoal, it's a really nice one. I remember getting an excellent deal on it too.
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Please identify shoes if possible: Barker Black Straton
sorry double post.
Quick question about a item. I put myself on the waitlist for a Marc Jacobs 'Washed Wool Coat' list price $1,580, gilt price $258. Today I received a notice that it was available and in my size. The part that puzzles me is that the material is listed as 58% wool and 42% paper. Can anyone tell me more about this blend, experience with similar coats by MJ? Many thanks.
Great looking tie, nice of you to put it up for free.
How is the fit, are these true to size? Thanks
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