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nice jacket, is it gray or is it khaki? hard to tell with the first two photos against the last one. Also, could you please post a clearer picture of that plastic pocket on the front that you described? thanks.
I'd be interested in seeing the J Crew suit.
Is this from the gilt sale a few weeks ago?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Great BIN on these C&J Wingtips US 11D Church's Custom Grade 9 B shoes loafers Great looking shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Or quadruple in this instance .... So, who got them? not me
Quote: Originally Posted by vinouspleasure I have a theory that eg, sab and papworth go for a little less on that side of the pond. I bought a similar pair with leather soles for about $105. I guess it just takes two people to create a bidding war, it will be interesting to see where it ends. It was my first international snipe and I thought the software was going to something smart around currency translation. I was fortunate there wasn't a bidding...
Damn, ok I'll raise my snipe then. Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Because everyone has a snipe set. Can't remember exactly what, but an item I was watching got bid up to triple the price in the last 15 seconds recently. Then again, these shoes are a steal at triple the price ... let's see what happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Edward Green medallion perforated cap bluchers size 10/10.5 - opening bid of 40 pounds. how are these going for so little?
Could you please post the measurements on these?
just bought one, thanks.
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