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I'm 6'1" 220 and the 256 is definitely not too small!
Are you thinking of th 256. http://www.cranes-country-store.com/store/Filson-Large-Briefcase-Computer-Bag-Style-Number-257.html
I recently switched to a Brady Gelderburn, so I'm selling my otter green 257. I thought I'd make it available to Filson lovers before it went on the fs forum. I only used it for about 3 months $240 shipped. It's an awesome bag but a little too big for what I need and I kinda fell in love with the Brady bag after seeing ARGO. PM me if you're interested.
Been wearing mine almost daily for the last 2 months and the leather is so soft and cheap it wont hold any creases or characteristics. Not to happy with them.
still available?
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