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I've bee eyeing the Frost River and Duluth briefcases. They seem to be worthy Filson replacements.
After about 18 months of daily use, I began to notice some things about my 257 that I wish were different. So instead of finding a different bag, I made the desired modifications. The first being the removal of the flap. In California where it never rains I didn't need the added protection. It also always felt like an extra step to get inside the bag, so I wanted it gone. I originally took it to my cleaner to make the modifications, but they said their machines couldn't...
Does anyone have pics of used navy bags? I want to see ho the fabric fades.
They're two separate models.Original med duffle http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-bag-medium.70222.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=luggage/duffle-bags&fmetaProduct=1019/New med duffle http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-medium.70315.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=luggage/duffle-bags&fmetaProduct=1019/The style numbers and dimensions are different.
Yes it is permanently attached. I do leather work and stitched it myself.
I'll buy one when they get marked down!
Price drop. Bag also has added handgrip.
I was going to downsize from my larger 257 to the smaller 256, but after investing the last 18 months in the larger bag, I decided to keep it. So I'm selling a new otter green Filson Style# 256 briefcase. I loaded it up once and carried to the office and switched everything back when I got home. Comes with unattached tags. The bag is a newer version with the red "Made at Filson" tag. Also has added hand grip from a 257.
Was more wax applied? I've never seen one develop a shining like that
Pm sent. Still available? pics?
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