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I'd love to modify another one!I'd love to modify another one!
I've always thought size of the zipper tote would make a great daily carry but was turned off by the long handles and lack of shoulder strap. After carrying the 257 for a few years I began to explore the tote again after needing more room. I finally pulled the trigger on the zipper tote and immediately regretted it. So instead of returning it I though I would try making it into the bag I wanted. I shortened the handles and added the shoulder strap and anchors from my small...
What Label is under the flap? "Made at filson" or "Might as well have the best"
I've bee eyeing the Frost River and Duluth briefcases. They seem to be worthy Filson replacements.
After about 18 months of daily use, I began to notice some things about my 257 that I wish were different. So instead of finding a different bag, I made the desired modifications. The first being the removal of the flap. In California where it never rains I didn't need the added protection. It also always felt like an extra step to get inside the bag, so I wanted it gone. I originally took it to my cleaner to make the modifications, but they said their machines couldn't...
Does anyone have pics of used navy bags? I want to see ho the fabric fades.
They're two separate models.Original med duffle med duffle style numbers and dimensions are different.
Yes it is permanently attached. I do leather work and stitched it myself.
I'll buy one when they get marked down!
Price drop. Bag also has added handgrip.
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