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Indeed, it is the RS2 Nihon denim. Here's the most accurate measurements from SE.
nice item! i have two hardgraft pieces and I love them!
those are magnificent! and if you get tired of them, you can sell them to me.
soaked then hemmed. i wouldn't take that chance.
up for sale is the panasonic lumix lx-5. i haven't used this camera much. taken pictures here and there. saving up now for an slr. the camera is in great condition. tech specs provided in link: one of the fun things about this camera is the manual aspect ratio (see second pic) going from a 1:1 for that retro/polaroid square look to a 16:9 for that wide HD look, plus 3:2, and a 4:3. it also sports a leica lens. has hot...
hey kixslf,man, i have been looking for some yuks for a minute now. i looked at the stocklists, and tried to stay within the states. very few stores carrying them this season. and at their price point, i want a pair i am perfectly pleased with. in a 7.5. i like the ones you're offering (top) but, i would prefer a darker sole. great shoes, and i may just pick those up!
i wish this was a larger size!
Hy guys, I'm looking for some USN, fatigue, workaday pants in all colors. Not looking for wool blends or denim. I need a size 34. If anyone has these pants, please let me know! Cheers!
I don't know if this is your style, but I bought a hardgraft for my retina. I love it. When I take my computer out at work, I simply place it on the sleeve, and it's perfect. I'm sure you've heard of these guys, but here's a link anyway to the one I purchased: Cheers and Good Luck in your search!
would buy, but they're too big. great price!
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