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Quote: Originally Posted by highball Sounds like you just met with the wrong guy. I had an informational interview last week with a guy who basically told me the exact opposite. Based solely on the education and experience on my resume he wants to hire me down the road if and when he has more deals that pencil. My advice for informational interviews: seek out people with backgrounds as similar as possible to your own who are working in the field you...
I've said some pretty horrific shit in my life, but I certainly do not pray. That is a line I just won't cross.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF Yep. If it was fun, interesting or fulfilling it would have some other name. I really don't see how either comment is applicable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood He has a point; 5 Men start with degrees, in 5 years time they all have 5 years experience and education. Who gets the job? What sets you apart are you skills and personality. Go after industry awards, write articles for your industry magazines (As long as you're not utterly retarded most publications welcome free copy), make a difference, and then start telling people you're different. Until you stand out,...
It is rather depressing to think about.
I had a talk with someone in my industry. Basically trying to find a position that is a better fit for me. I was told that I need to get it out of my head that my experience and education and accomplishments are of value. I will be stuck hating life for as long as it takes for the more senior people to die, because with the economy the way it is, none of them are retiring any time soon. I guess at least he was honest.
Last time I had a gas leak, I found it Sunday morning and the apt owner had it fixed Sunday afternoon. Usually they give a damn about their property not going boom.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I guarantee that's the last time he rides with is face mask open. That's what it's for you dumbass! There is no open/closed on a full face helmet. It is pretty easy for shit to go past the goggles or up under the jaw guard.
Cooking is a great one like others have mentioned. You can try new things quite regularly. Basic things, like bread, are very cheap to make and as a result you can make it frequently and get a lot of practice very quickly. As you get better, you can take your "errors" (e.g. loaves that were less than perfect or pastries that didn't quite turn out how you wanted, but which are still excellent and when cut into small portions, no one will notice) to work to share with...
A square and lots of shopping around led me to a decent metal mechanics chest for now. LOTS of shopping around. I've determined that the display models in most every store are the chests that must have been half on the pallet or fell off the loading dock or got hit with a forklift (maybe all three).
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