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PMed! Nice stuff!
Wow, awesome briefcase! Had I known about you before, I would've bought my bridle briefcase from you!!! Those briefcases are awesome.
In my experience, you need to size down 0.5 and they are a bit wider than a regular US D.
Good price on those NST!!
Recently bought these double monks from a fellow SF member. Unfortunately, since they were my third (I know...) pair of double monks, I haven't worn them as much as I expected. They deserve to be worn more often! Looking to get what I paid for these, which is 500$. They are listed on eBay for more. Retail is around 1200$. Very lightly worn, and worn 3-4 times since topy were installed by a professional cobbler. Shipping in Canada would be $20 and $25 in the USA...
I think the sweater is too tight and too short. You need to size up at least +1... I suspect this is the most recent Stark model; judging from your shape, you would probably be better off with the old fit which is longer. Otherwise, it is a great color combination!
If you like the Clay Color, it is still available...
Ralph Lauren Marlow Penny Loafers Brown Shell Cordovan (C&J) - size 11D 250$USD with Best Offer option - not marked as shell cordovan in the title.
I also bought a couple of shirts during the actual sale in size 15/33. The fit is slim fit, comparable to Lands End Canvas in equivalent sizing, except for the sleeves which are a bit larger. Personnally, I like the fit & the price when they are on sale.
Take them back!!
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