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Seems like great stuff! I'm full of envy to a future owner!
Trying new Hickey Freeman suit after alterations. Little bit confused by area shown on last photo. Is it ok? Bad jacket fit or too low pants waist?
Hi guys! My first post here after a couple of years. Just got new Ledbury shirt, trying to combine, never had big checks before.
Zegna is awesome! Damn, i have too many blue sportcoats to buy another one
check pm please
Very nice and rare! I had my own for a couple of years and got lost it Good luck with selling!
I'll face this dilemma soon. I'm gaining +1 size every 6 month. I'll choose muscles for sure. So now i'm trying to invest less in clothing but more in shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB I like this but you scare the s**t out of me, you're not hired to kill Russian journalists for a living are you? No, man, i'm peaceful person
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