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That's definitely nicer than the stock pics. I ordered the black and depending on the fit I'll track this one down too.
Yeah, I took a chance on the bomber. I love the material,real soft hand. I'm sure the seconds lounge pants are really comfortable in this material.The Lang tee is better than Metropolis in my opion. I broke down on the zip blazer today, unfortunately none of the online stockist ship to an APO.
Fritz Lang tee and the seconds bomber arrived. The terry cloth bomber was just too cropped so i returned it.. I'm 6"2 and it just looked off.
Sorry felt nostalgic.
Some1 please call 911.tell I'm I just been shot down and the bullets in my heart.
It's working on my iPad.looks good.
I can't wait for discounts in my size. I wonder how the tees and shirts are sized this season? Last year they were on the small side.hope I sized right.
Thanks for the update. Grabbed a few items I was waiting for.
I want the zip blazer but not for 500+.
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