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A few new bottles for the weekend.
Interesting articles. I have a friend who's a Melungeons(Goins), never knew their backgroung till I read this thread. I had a friend in high school who was high yellow as they used to say, called her redbone everyday just cause I know she hated it.
Finally broke down and ordered the collared motto in black lamb. now the wait
Baelish, varys, and Ilyrio would of done eveything in their power to bring the war regardless of what Cat did. little finger is very good at manipulating the stark/tully women.
Saw steve nash on W. Broadway few weeks ago. He was carying a skateboard walking with some chick in tights. Told him good luck next year, he responded thanks. GF laughed at me rest of the afternoon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy thats real nice, i like that. How's the sizing?
need sizing help with the brunswick shoes. I usually wear a 9.5 in dress shoes, 8.5 in Grensons. tts?
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah he just received an honorary PhD from the University of Michigan I'm going to take my girl to Juniors for some cheesecake when I get back to NY next week.
double post
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