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I wore the field coat for the first time. I love the material(navy) but the fit is very boxy and I wish the sleeves were just a bit longer. But I love the way the padded collar feels.
I'm almost 6 4" about 210 and I went with the fits great with a long sleeve underneath.sleeves aren't too long and it's not cropped. Hits just below my belt line. It' feels a lot nicer than the pocket sweater baby alpaca I have from last season.
Johnny Depp? Is that the Richard blazer?
^^ I got it from the Ervell website. Patterned navy blazer coat.
x-post Patrik ervell
Stuff from sale season
SVB what's the blazer? Officer chino's look good here.
I stopped by the Nike stadium store in Frankfurt. Selection on the running shirts was limited. They had one color of the wool dry fit shirts. one size in the flyknit racers of the blue colorway. the sports wear section was decent. Picked the tech sweat pants. the had an fsr.
^^ I would contact the customer service by email. The longest I had to wait after I wrote an email is 2 days. PE has the best customer service.
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