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Unwashed, worn a handful of times. No fading. Asking $100 shipped via USPS Priority - CONUS only. Payment via Paypal only.
Willing to trade for size 33 or 34 of what?
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty And you are clearly enjoying the hell out of it, for some reason. probably because they've been selling overpriced electronics for a while now but fanboys gobble them up regardless. it's nice to see all you apple guys exude some level of common sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I like hearing about how fast it is. I'm anxious to give it a try, but will likely wait a year or so before making a purchase. i hope it's fast; only being able to run one program at a time
Paul Watson is a moron. that makes the show fun to watch. i do agree that those waters should be patrolled by officials and that the regulations in place should be enforced. fucking asians are overfishing the seas.
cite vesus site break versus brake etc... i know which i'm intending to use but my brain still fucks me over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe lol....I was going to post this up. Someone sent me the link in an email. ......that thing is crazy! it's a flashlight! and a gun!
extremely boring movie.
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