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1. I would wear sneakers for the walk, change at work. 2. Actually I would ride my bike.
The sleeve placket does have a middle button. People who make the "need to hit the gym" comments about thin, fit posters undoubtedly have an erotic fixation on Sylvester Stallone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Don't buy this suit because ___________________ a) (the lapels are totally screwed up) b) ? c) d) The number one reason not to buy this suit is because it is not a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Retrophile Back in 'the old days' so the old-timers have told me, folks bought one really nice suit, or one really nice whatever, and wore it for years. That's what's so great about Cary Grant, the Duke of Wndsor, Astaire, etc,--they all had two suits, and some old-timer told me that the Duke had four suits, but since he didn't like being photographed it is hard to verify.
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