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That's really funny to tell him to look for Kiton and Rubinacci brands, I'm afraid I'll never stop laughing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Solution is obvious; you're wearing a cow's foreskin on that foot. Cows don't have foreskins.
Industrial waste + Asian child labor + $0.14/lb. shipping cost to US = $0.15 per pair Ecco shoe. The big expenses are advertising and the trucking to Walmart. Enjoy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by andyl This guy laughed because Moo laughed.
Robert Hall.
Quote: Originally Posted by rgoldstein d? From what I read they were popular in the 70s. Their official website doesn't tell much. I'll post up some photos of the two new acquisitions when I get home tonight. Please don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar If you really pay attention he is actually wearing a beret making his hair and head look so weird... Figures it would be a beret.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Wasn't there a thread on AAAC about this? Ah, here it is - Yes, half of the mods fainted from anxiety attacks. The other half weren't so sure what those lumps were on the guy's chest.
It's a zipper and 5 buttons attached to industrial waste. You can do better at half the price.
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