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Really, try another store.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I like alot of SF approved ideals, but they arent always realistic (also for my budget). I also enjoy things SF hates like pleated pants, and not wearing a pocket square with everything. Isn't Andy's the All-PocketSquare/All the Time Network? Someone will show up with a polo shirt, tux jacket 4 sizes too big, pleated cargo shorts and sandals, and some idiot like Jovan will say "Looks good, but don't...
I would try the equivalent of a white lab coat. Architects used to wear them at the drawing boards, back when they drew.
There are posters in WAYWT that conform perfectly to SF groupthink--2 inch cuffs, incotex, doublemonks, cordovan, bespoke jackets, perfect shirts, and while each individual item may work and be correct, the ensemble just doesn't work.
Indeed, the times are golden for tailors. For instance, the Mayor of Newburgh, NY, bidding to hold TerrorTrials(Reg. Trademark), was on the radio explaining that he is a part time Mayor and a full-time tailor. He has worked through many recessions and he said they are the best of times for his tailoring business. Suits and jackets are let out instead of being given away. Alteration work is done on stuff from cheaper stores. Used stuff needs to be tailored. All gold...
^^^^ They need tents in Haiti.
Uniqlo, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor how do you know? Go out to Naperville or some fucking hellhole where there is a farm. Ask the farmer to show you a cow's foreskin. You: Good Sir! I'm on a mission to observe the foreskin of a cow. Farmer: A cow's foreskin? You: That's right, my dear fellow! For a possible bespoke pair of shoes, don't you know. Farmer: You're from Chicago, aren't you.
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv What do you think of the above Covert Coat? I'd like a Crombie one but they are expensive, even on sale. Anyone know how the quality will compare on this one? Your opinions will be appreciated and I thank you in advance for any replies. I believe that if it is something that you really want, and not some passing whim, you should not settle for the...
If not, there is always this:
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