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Quote: Originally Posted by mateoban I'm not too fond of the man shawl. While the photo of the other gentleman wearing a man shawl is better, I just don't see it as a useful accessory for me. This look doesn't even work for the realtors, consultants, "financial advisors", Mary Kaye reps, and others who have owned it for the last 25 years. It doesn't work for PeroxideBoi either.
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog How annoying, they won't ship Aldens internationally. In Italy they are ridiculously overpriced, and in the UK they are almost impossible to find. What's an iGent to do? Buy better shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni They have contracted Herpes Yes, because anything with an "H" means herpes...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti You know, I understand it has gotta stink being stuck on the East Coast these days... that's why everyone's so testy... I guess not everyone's writing this beachside in sunny australia while a gorgeous blonde is putting some sunscreen on my shoulders... sigh... Shooman's a blonde?
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I've been slogging through this: The Men's Fashion Reader recently. A compendium of essays covering the history of men's clothing. It's a little too academic in style to be really enjoyable, but it's still fairly interesting. Cover: Asian guy in black suit. Good luck.
He popularized A&S, drape, the beauty of Astaire's clothes, Windsor, etc. many many years ago. The American ideal of bespoke tailoring before he came along was Sy Devore. He's been invaluable to American men's fashion and style but none of this can validate his own or his company's clothing, which has to stand on its own.
Quote: Originally Posted by brett.peace Battistoni Barneys New York Mens Coat 38/48 $110.00 BIN Re: tag -- 100 % Polyester?
Enough with the pictures of the ugly guys wearing ugly clothes already.
I bought some AE's at Goodwill for a great price. Can they be made into Aldens?
I want to buy this on Ebay. Can anyone tell me if it is a fake?
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