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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Blasphemy She's been through the mill. You're too good for her.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 There's Jessica Alba in this OP and you guys are talking about trucker hats and stacked dess pants? It's just a picture of Jessica Alba.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Ashton Kutcher = leading man??? What planet have I landed on this time? Really. And trucker hats were in the ironic mainstream long before anyone ever heard of him.
This is called "bespoke" brand. $300-$400
You get the winning experience when you snipe. If you have some sort of fist-pumping reaction when you beat out FNB for the Sulka pjs at 4am, more power to you. There are no contractual obligations on ebay. No one has ever been forced to send something, no one has ever been forced to pay for something. Complain to ebay, complain to paypal, leave him a negative, but no shoes for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by millionaire75 WHO IS THIS F*CKING GUY???? The first Mrs. Svirat, judging by his reaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by David Watts I'm not sure which is worse, ...Or the spanky hanky perched perilously proximate to a child's bedsheets/FNB shirting material. Quoted for sheer brilliance.
Some of you might remember this lad:
So you want us to teach you how to shop for bargains on ebay?
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