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I don't really give a shit about Gilt. I don't care what they sell. I don't need to shop on their terms.
double post sorry
Wear bow tie.
Khakis and an untucked dress shirt is an idiot look, and a long overcoat will do a good job of hiding most of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by bookster1uk Also, the farcical Top Rated Seller programme and Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) mini feedback survey,is very misleading for less experienced eBay buyers. Just read a sellers feedback comments and ignore the rest of it I say, the chances are, the item you are looking for is more likely to be in the inventory of a non TRS seller. The award is frequently removed and reinstated anyway. Experienced buyers aren't unduly...
Face that could sink a ship, hands that could choke a linebacker. Until I saw the shoes I thought it was a guy carrying a trashbag full of empties.
Quote: Originally Posted by wcl Anybody interested in a Burberrys Raincoat vest? I hope he's tried wearing it like that.
I miss the commentary.
Quote: Originally Posted by robdpittman The Nazis were well-attired, but it's an accepted fact that the Allies superior boots were the deciding factor in the trenches. God almighty. The trenches were in the First war. Nazis were in the Second.
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