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That's a strange looking jacket, color aside.
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 I was half happy for you until you posted your typical arrogant nonsense. There certainly is a chance you'll "make it" (whatever that means) but your ego/narcissism will probably keep you from success. Ego [sic] and narcissism, in almost unimaginable extremes, are exactly the qualities required for success.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del , no one posted pics from my favourite blog Padded knees.
This thread is worthless without the participation of FNB.
Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME ^ This will be NewYorkRanger soon if the teacher contract thing doesn't work out... EZ The fit is certainly right.
Is this where we can all post everything we have for sale on ebay?
So he was able to give some stuff away, and it probably didn't cost him more than 5 or 6 thou. And to think he was mocked...
The captions are pretty good. Couple's night Out. Artistic. Rinsing off his thick pearly man jui oh never mind
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoeby Doo I don't agree with this approach. It sounds as if you are trying to extort him for a price reduction. IMO feedback is a rating of the whole transaction. If the seller agrees to do a refund then that can also be a satisfactory outcome and reflects well on the seller. To me he would have earned his positive or neutral feedback. You can always leave something in the comments on the feedback page. Price...
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv The seller left me positive feedback before I received the coat. I haven't left feedback yet. So far they have 9 feedback ratings and is 100% positive. Tell him you are about to leave feedback and you're wondering about a return or price reduction. But if it doesn't turn out the way you like, don't hesitate in roasting him with negative feedback. He has to learn to properly describe items and seeing that...
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