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Working the bongos, in case the fashion photography thing doesn't pan out:
You want a fit approaching this, if you can afford it. It's called "drape":
What's the deal with this? Is it made to measure from mail-order? Whatever it is, you're not being served well. You need to have a professional help you select the suit, in real life. You need to go to a store.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Whatever you do, dont be an older dude wearing clothes that are too tight. That's trouble waiting to happen. Get stuff thats well tailored and fits, but leave the tight t-shirts at the store. Here is where you should look to start, most if this stuff fits: Good God, don't send him to that fucking sewer of a thread. He'll be wearing...
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly If I had one I certainly would. It would be a major production to get back to this place so I wanted to definitely ID the label first to determine if the return trip would be warranted. It's gone.
Usually throws in the gratuitous crotch shot with his posts, missing here, thankfully:
I love it when some yob starts giving advice to Ralph Lauren about selling clothes.
Viral marketing. Old Navy thanks you.
For the art, as well:
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe here
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