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Quote: Originally Posted by brimley Grenson the past few seasons. Unrelated note: retailers, you are charging too much for midmarket shirts. Epaulet's $130 is acceptable. Gitman, WvG, or South Willard at $170 is ludicrous. it goes from 180 pounds up in London. It's just ridiculous. How are BDs by Brooklyn Tailors btw?
oh this is just too hot
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Bad Thursday. pics great tie but man, you look nothing like Javier Bardem
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI That's a nice fabric. this
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl def wasnt hating on him, hope thats not how i cam across. he is dope i suspect glencoe was loling at the young guy next to him just the set of that picture, him between those people, I'm not hating on Wooster, granpa looks always hot
don't know why but the longer back hemline makes it look so cool, I have to get myself one of these
awesome photo
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