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Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Suede is made to dirty, I like the character. Ad anyway, how would I clean off tan suede? Saphir's suede cleaner is pretty good or a suede stones (that I never tried)
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m [[SPOILER]] Junya Watanabe f/w 10 coatJunya Watanabe s/s 10 blazerThom BrowneJunya Watanabe x levis f/w 09Junya Watanabe f/w 09 bootslol brand diversity man, you should clean those boots once in a whileblazer looks super nice
Quote: Originally Posted by Suicmez Epoc. Perfect +1
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 [[SPOILER]] nom de guerre club monaco bdg flannel-lined chinos trickers great
damn, missed that
I don't like the price
I watched the BAFTAs and all I can say, Nicholas Hoult - best dressed of all
plan was to move to London and start an apprenticeship at SR after the bespoke tailoring course but it looks like I'm staying in grad school
not really architecture but didn't know where to put it. Some nice looking flats in Malmo http://www.bo-laget.se/?page=ah_sok
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