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du didn't read the manifesto? gtfo, he should've print that thing and laminate it
that "show your closet" thread on SZ is rad
if ur in Europe, no better place thatn Dover Motherfucking Street Market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Eason and Aegelus's bromance is reaching Ron Swanson and Andy levels. (no hate that was seriously the funniest part of the last ep) so Eason=Andy?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus haha I told you guys I didn't bother to mess around with my hair. It looks cool when I actually use some wax instead of just brushing it to the side. Right now though, ugh. I'm going to be wearing hats for 3 months straight. Really pissed off. to give you an idea it's like just a little bit longer than your hair now on top. Completely fucking ruined. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted...
I ordered a book about tailoring from this japanese girl and I recieved a book, 4 Hello kitty plastic bags, 2 thank you notes and a love letter, is this common?
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Buy it. Buy the shit out of it. I love this jacket. +1000 I believe this is M, just to get the idea how these fit on a person
Quote: Originally Posted by syang451 Hi guys im looking for a new backpack for school. What do you guys think is better? Altadena works 801 teardrop or filson 262 rucksack? Thanks alot in advance, am dying to get a nice backpack The filson Attachment 58762 The altadenas in 2 colors Attachment 58763 Attachment 58761 Those seat belt straps on Altadena backpacks look superfugly. Otherwise I'd kop
Quote: Originally Posted by brimley Grenson the past few seasons. Unrelated note: retailers, you are charging too much for midmarket shirts. Epaulet's $130 is acceptable. Gitman, WvG, or South Willard at $170 is ludicrous. it goes from 180 pounds up in London. It's just ridiculous. How are BDs by Brooklyn Tailors btw?
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