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space-man, obviously
join somali navy
Quote: Originally Posted by Calden ^ I haven't seen that one yet, thanks for posting it. Below are the blogs that are currently in my bookmarks... A Continous Lean JJJJound Selectism High Snobiety Blackbird's Blog The Sartorialist Men.Style.Com The Art of Manliness H(y)r Collective Valet Kempt Hollister Hovey The Material Review Kino Wear MaleStyle Review Men's Flair Hype Beast Slam X Hype great selection! I'd...
how is the system working? I've read half of this thread and found almost no feedback.
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 I got interested in shirtmaking due to my experience in buying MTM shirts. I think pattern making is the process of just drawing out the pattern on a piece of fabric so that you can just cut the fabric out and sew it together to make shirts or clothe. You can take the shirts apart and make pattern out of them but then you also have to learn to lay them out correctly on the fabric because if you don't line up the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidinGray I will never understand what possesses people to reply to a topic on the 50th page of a given fora. DIG So it's better to create the SAME topics over and over?
I find this thread very motivational Could someone in a nutshell explain the basic process of pattern making? For a beginner, obviously. I always thought the easiest way would be to dissect some well fitting shirt and then take those parts and make patterns out of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by otter i am sorry he looks more like Sufjan Steven's older brother
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Nice jacket. What is it? I'd guess Fjallraven
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido S.A.B.. Yes.. Thank you. could you post details on the shirt?
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