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I bet the blood sounds came from overcooked pasta
censorship of the internet here we go
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer Just never wash them...Dry cleaning + good denim = what do you mean never wash them?? How do you get rid of the stains of semen then?
so this is a sure thing? this sucks!
"do i look good? " "yeah, you look very...Nylon guys"
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE61C1LT20100213 Summary: Neo-Nazis attempt to march in commemoration of the firebombing of Dresden. They are prevented by 10,000 Germans. This interests me for a few reasons... One: I didn't know neo-Nazis were that active over there. (5,000 is a lot of people.) Two: I didn't know "normal" Germans cared that much about this stuff. (10,000 is a lot of people.) Three: I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wallcloud ^^^ Sub titles? Really liked it wvwn though I didnt understand a word. I was trying to get the whole movie which is like 90 minutes but haven't succeeded. The soundtrack is great and available even on youtube but not the actual video. Not sure about the subtitles as that is the last thing I need.
love the jacket too small for me
has http://dresswithstyle.com been down for a long time? does not seem to work for me
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