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Interpol will release new album in a bit
wow, very sad
150 for that SI jacket?? why haven't I spotted this before
Quote: Originally Posted by DukesofStratosphear To put the clip into a wider context, here is a vid showing the top of the spire he was on. Good grief, it's high. sweet jeez mother of god now I can clearly see the top where that guy had to climb, I'd be shitting my pants for sure. But watching the clip actually keeps me calm
I had the same problems like a week ago, then I tried to access the site through proxy and it helped but only for couple of minutes then it went blank again. It's ok now don't know what was it
if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough A.Einstein
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian Are any torrents available ? Anyone mail me one please? tpb is down or server-unfriendly for some reason. no releases available Edit: at liest no watchable
For those of you who suffer from Acrophobia, do you feel uncomfortable even when looking at pictures or clips? Or does it happen only in the real life? For those of you who enjoy big heights:
sweet jeez, Stanley Kubrick in his twenties
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