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Quote: Originally Posted by Yardsale woah my blog is linked on the BoO polo blog! dude I LOVE your blog didn't know you were member here (I actually found it via the BoO)
Quote: Originally Posted by Django Hows the length on the Carlsbad jacket? On blackbirds site is looked cropped to the point of being feminine. way too short, obviously
This will be stellar A movie about the Doors, narrated by Johnny Depp (In theaters April 9)
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos My gosh - the bad plastic surgery on the A&F fellow at the end of ep1! he was probably going for the "Marv" look
hot, feminine no gimmicks Edit: and she better have a great taste in shoes
anybody here into this stuff? this must be the ultimate experience. I promised myself a wingsuit jump before I turn 30
this must be something
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