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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I'm on Plan C. I wish I had learned self-discipline early in life because there was a time when Plan A&B were perfectly attainable. If I ever have kids that is probably the big thing that i'll attempt to pass on to them. Regardless of how smart they are, they're going to learn study habits and self-discipline while they're young, whether they like it or not. It's a hell of a lot easier that way. I guess the important...
^^great jacket
^From my experience they were never glued. The only problem you could have is that the tip of the collar stay might break the fabric of the shirt (during washing). Dry cleaning and ironing on low temp and you will be ok
where can I watch this if I'm outside the US?
couple of tracks remind me of Karin Andersson's colab with Royksopp (antoher great voice)
I'm not sure what do you mean by home design program but Blender is probably the best choice when it comes to free 3d modeling and rendering programs
These are sick Berlin designer Frank Buchwald’s Machine Lights series is comprised of 12 steampunk lamp designs that are handmade in extremely limited quantities and look like they could have come straight from the set of Dark City or Blade Runner. The main structures are made of raw brass and steel, which are hand burnished to create a unique antique black and brown hue. The industrial design aesthetic, complete with visible coils, filaments, cables, and flexible...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cubanchem I have never matched those two fabrics. will it work? The sport coat is your traditional tan corduroy and the pants are dark brown tweed. I was thinking of throwing a blue and brown tattersall shirt in the mix. Any thoughts? thanks! I'd vote for different jacket
Excellent pictures I often ask myself if my grandchildren will have the same respect and admiration for me
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