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hopefully that person scored at liest C from science
http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ dude said 1550 microsieverts
Hostem in London also carries some pieces every now and then. I especially NN footwear. Mad expensive tho.
I'd have a question about the washing-saw this in the TOJ gallery https://toj.pixi.me/v/toj2_3/Razele+2.jpg.html I'm really loving this. Is this style available for the minimalist DR? I know the color is available just not sure about the washing?
bumping this for the exact same question. Any chance I can get them in London? Selfridges or DSM perhaps?
50 most stylish New Yorkers kinda interesting, few good ones, Waris dope as usual, Socal didn't make it
Who the ****'s gonna pay 500 pounds for that Balenciaga denim jacket on ln-cc?
damn, that is dope makes you look younger too
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