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It's today's podcast, but it won't play if you're located outside UK or at liest it does not seem to work for me
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe would it not be better for the whites to go back ot their own continent? why do they need land on place where thieir race does not have a reason to be? a one way ticket to europe should be good enough. by far the dumbest post I've read in CE so far
Superb thread. I especially admire Phat Guido's style
Given the increasing number of farm attacks in SA and the fact that nobody cares it's safe to say that there will always be another dude like him and a serious number of people who will follow him
one of the bombers was allegedly just 17. pretty shocking to sum it up, the situation is fucked up for both sides
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel is that SoCal flipping the bird in the background??
Douchy or not?
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