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Quote: Originally Posted by themidship22 ... producing clothing that grown men can use as viagra. would sound dope on a CV
A/W 2011 preview not feeling this one bit
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six The practical upshot of all leather soaking / washing discussion in this thread and the previous one is that if you want to take a shot at it for the purposes of messing with the texture and appearance of your jacket, that's up to you, but it is not advisable to try to use soaking washing to alleviate sizing issues, even minor ones. cool, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by LukeM Damn, how can I get these outfits for cheap? I need some summer clothes desperately, luckily I have about 2 months to gather the funds. it's probably just Hackett
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one -dark grey [[SPOILER]] refer back on more about washing the leather if interested. More importantly - if you don't know what to expect from washing leather, then just don't do it. It's not mandatory by any means, it's experimental at best. yeah I know it's not mandatory, just wondering if it can be used for shrinking the leather? I believe lamb does shrink a bit doesn't it?
Didn't know they are going to stock Undercover
so is this the medium grey lamb? one more question - has there been a post in the past describing the washing process? I know shit about washing the leather, is the lamb gonna shrink at all for example? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by auggie Check out Goodhood or Son of Stag in Shoreditch. They both carry Momotaro's. Quote: Originally Posted by chroMe Yes, go to GoodHood in Shoreditch and you can walk over to Present and Denham to see other denims for comparison. thanks, will do
where do you usually go for pictures of older (pre 2006 lets say) runway shows with highest possible resolution?
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