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^ Saw them at Dover Street Market last week
why does the wonderwood by cdg gets so much attention? Bought this yesterday and it smells like a fucking peanut butter. Want to sell so bad
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Nvm found the next footwear buy. swag. I'm listening
just got back from london. If I had a pound for every douche in barbour and pointy shoes I am koping the TOJ baseball jacket right now. so ridiculous
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Didn't the dark grey have those issues with water? Or was that the medium grey one? Pretty sure it was the dark. what issues?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fluery Don't buy it if you don't like it? don't make it if you know it's offensive? you wouldn't put this on a t-shirt
lot of stuff
can't really see the collar looks good
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Whats hideout? I just want a really nice heavy sweatshirt, might get N&F or something, doesn't have to be Supreme, but I like supreme. Since I got the Tom Ford knitwear I haven't worn any of it. I don't really like knitwear and I'm 17, what do I need a $2000 white cashmere crew neck for. Other then dover street market does anyone know where I can buy one in London? Hideout is a store on Upper James St in Soho....
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji How much do the grey supreme box sweatshirts cost? I don't want to go all the way down to London and go to dover street market and realise it like $400. I'm selling my Tom Ford cashmere knitwear to pay for a supreme sweatshirt, I'll probably regret this in a few months. isn't Hideout better? Just asking
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