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wtf is this?
it all looks ok on their web page but in person it's just total joke. And their shirts have the weirdest cuts I've ever seen. Slim sleeves, slim waist, well fitting in the shoulders but low armholes so any movement where my hand goes up more than 45 degrees is just impossible and absolutelly uncomfortable.
^ Saw them at Dover Street Market last week
^ thanks for clearing that out this picture is kinda funny
why does the wonderwood by cdg gets so much attention? Bought this yesterday and it smells like a fucking peanut butter. Want to sell so bad
I happened to have been in London that very day. I don't get why thez destroyed Fortnum & Mason
Quote: Plutonium Found Outside Fukushima's Reactors for the First Time Plutonium has been discovered for the first time outside Fukushima's reactor buildings. The radioactive material was found in the soil at five points of the nuclear plant. Most probably, the plutonium comes from reactor 3, which is powered by a mix of plutonium and uranium. This finding may confirm the breach on the primary containment previously feared by authorities. The company says that...
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Nvm found the next footwear buy. swag. I'm listening
just got back from london. If I had a pound for every douche in barbour and pointy shoes I am koping the TOJ baseball jacket right now. so ridiculous
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Didn't the dark grey have those issues with water? Or was that the medium grey one? Pretty sure it was the dark. what issues?
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