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Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 [[SPOILER]] cloak:geller:cloak:ragnbone amazing!
sup Scott, still looking for a down vest?
yeah why notno vis [[SPOILER]]
there was time when I was seriously thinking about koping the Hunter lace-ups by Nonnative but I started question these big purchases since one can quite easily find similar style for half the price. Seriously what is the point? I keep thinking myself and can't figure it out. It's not like I'm gonna get props from someone in real life, this place is all about mall brands, it's not like my gf is gonna give a shit, she's used to the way I dress and when it comes to me, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I been lookin at pocket squares what's wrong with me? ....
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Aeglus, this is your best fit yet, though I wouldn't mind them stacking.
Scott the blazer looks dope, would you have a close up pic?
wtf is this?
it all looks ok on their web page but in person it's just total joke. And their shirts have the weirdest cuts I've ever seen. Slim sleeves, slim waist, well fitting in the shoulders but low armholes so any movement where my hand goes up more than 45 degrees is just impossible and absolutelly uncomfortable.
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