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if I'm being offered a 2nd chance offer on ebay just hours after the end of auction it's most likely scam right?
does he still post?
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice want some burgers!!
Quote: Originally Posted by krayzeez I really like immaculate conception - too bad there's a whole religion thing with the same name. & comme il faut - this one is taken too - or comme il faute immaculate formation everlasting conception comme des formes - french for as it shapes - like how you will shape the leather with your body i like but kind of rip off
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 wow this is ridiculous, and yes "bourgeoisie's fantasy about the common man" sig worthy
[[SPOILER]] man that belt buckle looks huge nice fit
can someone plz repost the link of that shahanshah's fashun archive?
does anyone have any experience with koping stuff from YJP through Hide as proxy? How does it work exactly? can't figure it out. Thanks
does anyone remembers how much was the Supreme leopard print backpack when it hit the stores?
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